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Tanaka TCS33EDTP Review – 14-Inch Top Handle Gas-Powered


Tanaka-TCS33EDTP_14-Top-Handle-Chain-SawIt is critical to note that the use of the chainsaw has increased over the years. In this, numerous consumers are able to make their work easier whether it is at their yards or even gardens. However, it is essential that consumers chose a reputable brand when making an informed purchase of a gas chainsaw. The main reason behind this is that the number of manufacturers has been on the rise as well. This has led to the development of numerous poor quality products.

Tanka, a renowned manufacturer in this industry, has been able to come up with the TCS33EDTP.
This is a 14 inch, 12.4-pound device that brings compactness with high performance. It is a reliable tool that will ensure that your tasks are always completed on time. This article focuses on the features, pros and the cons of the Tanaka TCS33EDTP.

Features and Pros

  • Ergonomic Design and Ease of Use

    The TCS33EDTP has a reliable construction that makes it a sturdy device. It measures 11.2 x 15.4 x 11.8 inches while its weight stands at 12.4 pounds. This shows that this device is lightweight and will ensure that you use it for longer periods. Tanka was wise to use aluminum and solid plastic as the primary construction materials for the tool.
    In the design, Tanaka included an anti-vibration system. This has the role of making your experience an enjoyable one. A large handle is also included, and it ensures that the user is given the ultimate control over the chainsaw.

    You are able to position and adequately prepare for a cut. There are also the lockout and throttle trigger buttons. These are located on the handle and help you set up specific cutting settings. Metal bumper spikes have been included, and these add to the stability of the device. An air filter is also inclusive on the rear side of the device and adds to the reliability of the product.

  • Good Performance

    This tool comes with Tanaka’s 32.2cc trademarked two-stroke pure Fire Engine. Tanaka had the sole intention of minimizing emissions with this engine. It is critical to note that while the TCS33EDTP is a gas-powered device, the emissions have been minimized making the tool comply with the international standards.
    The power of the chainsaw is unmatched. This is because the saw is able to produce a 1.6 horsepower that in turn leads to a 23m/sec speed of the chain. The technology used in the making of the engine makes it achieve an RPM of 12000 as the maximum speed while the fuel is consumed at 534g/kWh.

    The oil tank is able to hold up to 6.0 fl.oz which will give you approximately 20 minutes of cut time. To boost its performance, Tanaka ensured that this tool starts quickly and in a reliable manner. In this, a purge primer bulb is included and warms the device which in turn makes it start fast. An automatic oiling system also ensures that the bar and chain are always oiled which enhances your user experience.

  • No Kickback

    Tanaka makes use of a perfectly sharpened chain that has a high depth gauge. This is able to adequately handle the various thickness and size of different objects in the garden or yard. The 14’ Oregon Sprocket bar and chain ensure that you get more control over the device.

    The bar is relatively short, and this matches the overall size of the device. There is a scrench tool that comes with the device. The role of this is to adjust the screw on the chain. These features ensure that the device has a low kick up which is advantageous to the user.

  • Safety and Flexibility

    When you purchase this model, it will come with a protective cover specifically for the bar and chain. The cover ensures that the device is adequately protected during its transportation. Chain brakes are also inclusive and will come into play in case of any kick back in the device.

    For instance, this manufacturer has carefully ensured that the time taken to stop the chain under full RPM is less than a second. A built-in lanyard ring also ensures that the user has a safe climbing, a feature available only on this model.
    Finally, it is essential to note that the manufacturer offers a 7-year warranty on this device. For commercial use purposes, this is reduced to 2 years while for rental purposes it is further reduced to 1 year.

From the above, it is clear that the Tanaka TCS33EDTP chain saw has numerous features which make it stand out. You are guaranteed to get an unmatched performance at all times with this device which makes it the better option.


  • Maintenance

    As it is the case with gas-powered devices, regular maintenance is recommended for this model. The maintenance practices will vary from replacing the air filter to cleaning the different parts of the product. Tanaka included a detailed manual which will assist you in this.

  • Noise

    Gas-powered devices are in most cases linked to noise. With the TCS33EDTP, it is no different. The device has a loud noise, and hence you are advised to use protective gear in your operations.

Since it is evident that this tool has numerous pros that root from its features, make sure to consider it in your next purchase.

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