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Poulan PL1416 Review – (14 Amp Corded – 16″ Bar & Chain)


Poulan-PL1416-Corded-Electric-ChainsawYou are looking for a saw to handle small jobs around the home and there are so many brands and types of saws to select from. The three different types of chains are:

  • Cordless
  • Gas-powered
  • Corded

The cordless and corded options are quieter than the gas-powered chainsaws. The cordless option is considered the most expensive due to its rechargeable battery use. The downside is the limited amount of time you must use the corded saw since it works off of only the battery. The gas-powered option is the most powerful option since it is fueled by the gas engine. A gas-powered chainsaw is a great option for the professional loggers. The maintenance of a gas-powered chainsaw is the most extensive out of the three choices. There is constant cleaning of parts to ensure it doesn’t get clogged as well as continuing to purchase and supply gas to operate the saw.

The last option would be to purchase a corded chainsaw. This type of saw would be ideal for the first timers that have jobs around their home to tackle. With its limitations of how far you can go with this saw, it does give you endless battery life. The low maintenance requirements for the corded saw is another great reason to go with this type. There is no need to constantly purchase fuel like in the gas-powered saw. Compared to the cordless saw, there is no downtime to have to recharge so frequently.

The Poulan Corded Electric Chainsaw allows for the user to simply plug in and use. While it does not come already assembled, Poulan has made it quite simple to place the chain and bar together. The durable Poulan brand has brought the logger another option for smaller jobs that is of a high-quality such as the simple, adjustable bar and chain as well as an ergonomic, inline engine. Other additions like the automatic oiler and the chain tensioning system gives the Poulan exactly what you need to cut down wood but also not break the bank.


With its 14 Ah powered motor, the Poulan chainsaw is not only powerful but is offered at a comparable price to other corded chainsaws on the market. The bar and chain on the Poulan as well as its powerful motor makes this saw not only affordable, but also a solid chainsaw that can last through the years.

  • Bar and Chain

    The 16” bar and chain is able to cut through trees with 18” in diameter or less with no struggle. Poulan has included some features that makes it easier to get through the task ahead. On their PL1416 model, Poulan has included a chain brake alert system. This feature helps prevent the movement of the chain by a brake band around the driven clutch drum. Being able to properly gauge the brake will prevent too much tension applied to the chain. The chain tensioning is mounted on the side of the saw. This gives you a quick reach to tension your chain as needed.

  • Powerful Engine

    The Poulan 16” 14-amp Corded Electric Chainsaw is lightweight but packed with power. Going with a corded option gives more power through the wattage use. Compared to the gas-powered chain engines, this Poulan model is quieter due to not having the gas-engine. The 14 Ah motor is ergonomic in design and has an inline engine. This gives the user better balance and control over the saw.

  • Automatic Oiler

    To operate to its best capability, the bar and chain needs oil constantly. This must stay lubricated to lower the risk of friction and gives you the best cut for tree trimming and light cleaning. The automatic oiler on the Poulan PL1416 is consistent. The frequent oiling of the chain gives less kickback so its safer for the user. For first time users, kickback in your chainsaw could be a safety hazard. Finding a chain that has less kickback will help prevent any injuries while using. Overall, a better cutting performance can happen when the chain and bar are oiled along with a longer engine life is expected. Replacing the oil is also easy and affordable. In contrast to a gas-powered chainsaw, you are only constantly replacing the oil on this saw, not having to upkeep gas like for the gas-powered chainsaws.

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The Poulan PL1416 Corded Electric Chainsaw is a simple tool. Poulan focuses on powerful performance and convenience to the user. Mostly this saw works great for those that just need to handle light cleaning work near the home. The drawbacks to purchasing a corded electric chainsaw can be mostly based on preference.

  • Limited Distance

    With corded chainsaws there is the limitation on how far you can go with it. If you do require to go beyond the typical 100 ft. from the outlet, using an extension cord is the best fix. When selecting the additional cord, keep in mind the length and make sure it can support the 14 Ah motor.

  • Chain Slippage

    The Poulan, just like many other saws, there is the risk of the chain coming off the bar. This can occur in many brands, so the Poulan is no different. The way to help prevent it would be to ensure the bar and chain are always lubricated. Keeping this lubricated will help deter the wear on the chain. Another way to help protect against this would be ensuring the chain tension is correct. Over tensioning the chain could cause for it to come off the bar as well.

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Wrap Up

The Poulan PL1416 16” 14-Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw is a reliable option if you are in the market for a simple saw to get work done around the home. The Poulan saw is lightweight so it is easy to maneuver. With being able to just plug in the saw and use, to have this saw on hand for those medium duty storm clean-up tasks that may arise works perfect. The low maintenance on this saw means it can be stored for a longer period then used without too much worry on refilling any fuel or oils. As long as the bar and chain are properly oiled, the saw will work well for more spread-out usage.

For optimal use, this saw should be paired with at least a 12-gauge wire. This will provide the right amount of power to the chainsaw, so it can cut through 12” to even 18” in tree width. From oak trees to spruce, the chain is powerful up to a certain diameter. Precautions should be taken when using any saw. Knowing how much the saw can take without the chain from coming off is important for safety. The Poulan can handle up to a certain size tree in width which makes it ideal for occasional chop jobs around the home such as cutting firewood or trimming branches.

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