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Poulan Pro PP5020AV Review – (20-Inch 50cc 2 Stroke)


Poulan-Pro-PP5020AV-2-Stroke-Gas-Powered-ChainsawWhen it comes to power tools, it is ideal to have those that are of high quality, reliable and flexible at the same time. Times have changed, and this has prompted manufacturers to come up with tools that fit the daily needs of consumers. In the chainsaw industry, advancements in technology have led to the creation of numerous tools. While it brings flexibility in the choice to the consumers, it leads to confusion at the same time. This is because most of the tools will be of poor quality and will lead to losses for the users.

However, Poulan Pro, a renowned chainsaw manufacturer has been able to come up with a 20 x 15.8 x 22.3 inches’ device that is dubbed the Pro PP5020AV chainsaw. This is a 23.3-pound chainsaw that is equipped with numerous features which in turn lead to its pros to the user. This article will specifically focus on this product with regards to its pros and cons.

Features and Pros

The Poulan Pro PP5020 AV chainsaw has numerous feature which makes it stand out from the competition. These unique features are discussed below:

  • Powerful Performance

    The Pro PP5020Av is fitted with a 2 stroke 50 cc Dura Life gas engine. This Dura Life engine has cylinders that are plated with chromium which makes it durable. Its 50 cc displacement enables it to provide the user with a maximum speed of 9000 RPM. This is ideally powerful and will ensure that you complete your wielding on time and effectively.

    In order to run this device, a gas/oil ratio of 40:1 is recommended. In this, 3.2 ounces of 2 stroke oil is to be added to each gallon of gas which gives the perfect mix. Poulan Pro states that fresh gas should be used to facilitate the longevity of the product. The gas should be unleaded, with a minimum of 87 octanes and ethanol that is blended up to 10% in volume. On the oil, the Poulan Weed Eater synthetic oil is the best according to the manufacturer. Its reservoirs capacity is 10.4 oz.

  • Flexibility and Good Design

    The Pro PP5020 AV has an ergonomic design. In this, it is ideal to note that it has numerous Husqvarna parts and fittings. This should not come as a surprise as Husqvarna currently owns the Poulan brand. You are therefore to expect quality from this device as Husqvarna has specialized in the manufacture of chainsaws since 1959 hence has mastered the game.

    The pro-PP5020 AV looks stylish with the combination of metal and hard plastic as well as the black-yellow colors. Poulan included a large handle on the device’s rear which holds a throttle trigger and a lockout switch that is located on the handle. The lockout should be pressed before the trigger is squeezed.
    Besides, the Pro 5020 has a 20-inch bar and chain that is considered to be light duty. As a result, in the occasion that the chainsaw experiences resistance that leads to kickback, the brake is engaged so that the chain does not harm the user.

    In addition, the bar and chain have an automatic oiler which adequately lubricates the chain. You, therefore, do not need to constantly oil the chain manually which is unique. The only thing you are to be keen on is the oil volume.
    For the purposes of securing the bar/chain, Poulan included a scrench. This is a combination of a screwdriver and a wrench which are locked into the body of the device. The purpose of this is to keep the device ready at all times and more so if the chain becomes loose. Changing the bar also becomes easy.

    A super clean air filter system is also inclusive, and its role is to keep dirt and large debris from reaching the engine. This, in turn, allows oxygen to enter the engine and it boosts the performance.

  • Safety

    Poulan includes several safety features which ensure that both the chainsaw and the user are protected at all times. The user’s hands are protected by a chain catcher in combination with the handguard which is located on the front.
    The manufacturer also included a spark arresting screen as well as a muffler which limited the temperature hence fires are prevented. This is in line with several standard requirements for internal combustion engines globally. The device also has low vibration technology which minimizes user fatigue. Besides, conditions such as the vibration white finger and the hand-arm vibration syndrome are avoided.

From the above, it is evident that this product has numerous features that are beneficial to the user. Another advantage over the competition is that it comes in a well-designed casing.

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  • Noise

    The Poulan Pro has a sound level rating of 102dBA. This is loud, and you should use protective gear so as to avoid ear problems especially when you use the device for longer periods.

  • Carburetor Adjuster

    Over time, you will definitely need the unique carburetor adjustment device which is increasingly becoming harder to get in the market. You will, therefore, need to locate an authorized service center which could be a bit expensive. However, if you follow the manufacturer’s manual, you will be able to maintain your product, and it will last for a long time before needing replacement parts.

If you need further guidance, be sure to check out our gas chainsaw buying guide to learn which product will work best for you!

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The Pro PP5020AV is a powerful tool which will ensure that you complete your tasks on time. Make sure to get it for all your professional needs.

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