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Battery VS Gas Chainsaw – (Pros & Cons, Differences & Uses)

Having a cordless chainsaw means you have the freedom to move around anywhere without being bound by the need of being near a plug. The decision goes a little further since there are different power types of cordless chainsaws.

Depending on how large the job ahead will determine if you should go with a battery powered chainsaw or a gas-powered chainsaw. Let’s take a closer look at the comparison of Battery Powered vs Gas Chainsaws to find which one is better for you?

Should You Buy a Battery Powered or a Gas Chainsaw?

Battery Powered Chainsaws

Selecting a battery-powered chainsaw has its many benefits and for those first-time chainsaw users, the lightweight of this saw makes it easier to maneuver. For the larger, more intensive jobs, a gas-powered is the obvious choice.

There are many battery powered chainsaws that have similar power to the gas chainsaws which makes them a strong choice when shopping for chainsaws. If you choose a battery-powered chainsaw there are several benefits such as:

  • Fume-less

    This type of chainsaw only requires batteries to operate. While the range of power varies with the size of the bar, the battery watts on this chainsaw determines the length of use. With a gas-powered, it is powerful, but it comes with emission. Gas chainsaws are not environmentally friendly due to the levels of emissions released. While there are saws that have low emissions, it still releases a smell due. Selecting a battery-powered chainsaw is a choice that is better for the environment.

  • Easy Maintenance

    The battery-powered chainsaw is typically easy to assemble and to maintain. If you have a fully charged battery, you are ready to start trimming and cutting your trees. A perfect buy for the homeowner that has work around the home but not necessarily tackling large, more intensive jobs. The battery-powered chainsaw lasts normally a maximum of 30 to 45 consecutive minutes, depending on the brand. In addition to buying a backup battery, this saw needs chain oil just as any other type of chainsaw.

  • Mobility

    Using a cordless chainsaw allows you to move around and not be bound within the standard 100 ft. cord like other electric chainsaws. Being cordless is a shared similarity with the gas-powered chainsaws. The difference with the battery powered chainsaw is that it is lighter than many gas saws. The battery-powered chainsaw is lightweight so it’s easy to maneuver.

Gas-Powered Chainsaws

For your larger jobs, using a gas chainsaw works out perfectly. To tackle the larger trees, using a gas chainsaw would be the go-to over a battery-powered chainsaw. With using a battery powered saw there is the limitation on time. Gas powered saw will give you more power and longer run time due to not relying on voltage. The benefits of purchasing a gas saw do have shared similarities like its mobility, but it also has the extended run time and is more powerful than the battery powered chainsaws.

  • Mobility

    Being able to freely move around is the main reason cordless chainsaws are the better option. There are jobs that will require you to not be bound by an electrical socket. There are also jobs that will require more power than what you will get from a battery powered saw. If you are a professional logger or arborist, your job is taking you all over and you need that type of flexibility. Even with a battery powered saw, you will have a limited amount of time before having to either switch out the battery or just recharge.

    At least with the gas-powered chainsaws, you are mobile, but you are also able to tackle the harder wood confidently. Bringing additional gas to refuel may be necessary as well. This can serve as a drawback only because refueling certain saws may be messy. Fixing this problem falls on the type of brand gas saw you purchase. There are also some pre-mixed fuel options to make that part of the job easier.

  • Extended runtime

    Gas powered chainsaws are considered more for those larger, more intensive jobs. Having a longer runtime compared to the battery powered saw is the main reason to go with this type of saw. For example, if you are cutting trees larger in diameter, a battery-powered saw may lose power halfway through your job. This is the last thing you need to worry about when handling such a heavy power tool. The extended runtime from the gas-powered chainsaws can cause fatigue, so be sure that there is low vibration and user-friendly grips so extended use won’t be such an inconvenience.

  • Powerful

    The power cannot be compared between the battery-powered chainsaw and the gas-powered chainsaw in many cases. There are some higher priced battery powered saws that could be comparable to a few gas-powered chainsaws. Gas-powered chainsaws can handle the more professional tasks so if you are looking for something to tackle heavier jobs, then the power type you should consider a gas-powered chainsaw.

  • Maintenance

    The maintenance of a gas-powered chainsaw is completely different than the battery powered chainsaw. First, you have the refueling of the saw which requires the mixing of oil and fuel. This process can get messy depending on the brand of gas-powered chains. There are some pre-mixed fuel options you can purchase which helps with the upkeep. Another factor to consider is the storage of your chainsaw. There are many times where storing the chainsaw, there may be some oil leakage. Other tips would be to drain the fuel from the chainsaw after usage. These tips may only apply to some brands and not all, but there are additional steps you should take with a gas-powered chainsaw so reading the manual for these maintenance tips is recommended.

Wrap Up

These two types of cordless chainsaws both have great benefits to the user. You have the option to go with a lightweight chainsaw that is easy to maneuver, with little maintenance. The battery-powered chainsaw is great for those small tasks around the home like trimming and felling small to medium-sized trees. These saws emit no fumes and they are quieter than the gas-powered chainsaws, so it works great in residential areas. For those larger jobs, the gas-powered chainsaws are heavier in weight but can tackle large trees easily. It ultimately comes down to preference, after you assess the type of job you have ahead.

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