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Greenworks CS40L210 Review – (14-Inch 40V / 2.0 AH Battery)

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Greenworks-CS40L210-Cordless-ChainsawA cordless chainsaw is a great choice for small to medium size jobs, however, the Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw works well on those larger trees and larger jobs as well. When shopping for chainsaws, there are three different options you can select.

The gas-powered saw may be the first one to come to mind. With its mobility and power, professional loggers, farmers and many others that are familiar with chainsaws own one or a few more powerful gas-powered chains. Another option would be the corded chainsaw. This type of saw is the opposite of what you will receive with a gas-powered chain. It has a limitation of 100 ft. from the electrical outlet and may not be as powerful. The last type of chainsaw is the battery-operated chainsaws. This type of saw is battery powered and requires charging prior to use. Read on to find the list of the most popular battery-operated chainsaws ever.

The Greenworks 14-inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw comes with a 2.0 AH battery along with a charger. A cordless chainsaw is slightly easier to maneuver compared to the typical gas-powered chainsaw. Weighing a lightweight 9.8 lbs., the Greenworks saw can handle trimming high up branches and still easily be transferred around on any jobs that aren’t near the home. With a gas-like performance, it can cut through trees with a diameter of 18” with ease.


Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw is one of the more powerful battery powered saws on the market. With 40-volts and a 2.0 AH battery, this lightweight tool is easy to handle. The ergonomically designed saw provides better control with its wrap-around handle. The brushless motor in this chain gives a longer run time and an overall longer life. The 2.0 AH battery can handle many cuts on a single charge. Greenworks is a reliable and powerful brand that combines a smart system and quality equipment. This saw features a few amazing features such as the brushless motor and automatic oiler.

  • Brushless Motor

    A brushless motor will adjust to the job at hand quickly. The brushless motor is able to sense more power being used so it reacts to lessen the pull on the saw. With brushed motors, there are noises that occur due to sparking. The brushless motor eliminates this issue by producing less noise. Maintenance of the brushes can also be an issue since they tend to wear out frequently. The brushless motor means that there is light maintenance. Overall, the brushless motor is more efficient due to computer control and not mechanical brushes.

  • Automatic Oiler

    The Greenworks saw comes with a 14” Oregon bar and chain. This durable chain requires similar maintenance to ensure that it cuts through wood with ease. The automatic oiler is a feature that makes any saw low maintenance and easier to maintain. Your bar and chain should always be lubricated so it doesn’t cause any issues with the chain.
    Greenworks saw comes with an automatic oiler that will consistently lubricate the chain and bar. While it may be an issue of using too much bar oil, Greenworks does come with a translucent window to better gauge your oil. A tip on maintaining the chain and bar would be to also place a little chain lube onto the chain.
    Prior to proceeding with cutting, run this saw unloaded at different angles. By doing this pre-run, it helps to eliminate air from the oil supply tube, so it can better coat the chain and bar. This feature will keep your chain lubricated which will ultimately give you a longer use of the chain.

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  • Leaking Oil

    Like many chainsaws, there is slight leaking of oil from the reservoir. There needs to be some upkeep and maintenance from the owner to ensure this chainsaw runs effectively. It is never recommended to store the saw with oil left in the reservoir. This is one way to prevent oil leakage. Ideally, the saw should have a system in place that does not allow for leaking. It was first assumed oil would leak only if the saw was stored a certain kind of way. Unfortunately, this is not the case and even if you are bringing your saw along in a backpack to trim trees along a walking trail, there is a risk the saw will leak bar oil. This is a contributor to another problem with the cordless chainsaw which is the frequency of running out of oil.

  • Shorter Battery Life

    The Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw comes with a 2.0 AH battery that can last one to two hours before needing to charge. When handling larger jobs, this may be an inconvenience to stop and must recharge your battery. With any saw that isn’t corded, you must either stop to switch out the battery or if it was gas-powered, you would stop to refuel. To best be prepared for shorter battery life, you can have a second battery ready to switch out.

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Wrap Up

The Greenworks 14-inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw is a small but mighty tool that can assist in trimming, cutting and pruning trees in a range of sizes. Being able to use something so powerful and still be able to handle with ease is not always easy to find in a saw. A cordless saw is quieter to operate than the gas-powered saws. It allows you to go wherever and not worry about an electrical outlet limitation, unlike the corded saws. You can use the Greenworks saw at any time, even in the suburban areas, and not worry about disturbing any neighbors with the noise. For yourself, there are no fumes you will inhale since it is not using gas to power up.

The digital brushless motor makes the Greenworks saw operate at an even more efficient level. Using brushless motored chainsaws means that it gives a more reliable and more powerful cut. The saw will last longer and give off a longer run time than those brushed motors. When using the cordless saw, keep in mind the battery is not an unlimited supply of power. On average, the 2.0 AH battery can last up to one hour before needing a recharge. There is also an option of purchasing a higher volt battery like the 4.0 AH. The 4.0 AH battery is estimated at providing about 2 hours of use before having to recharge. Overall, this Greenworks saw is a lightweight, powerful tool to use on a variety of jobs and will efficiently cut down trees.

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