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Poulan Pro 952711924 Review – (8-Inch 12-Foot Gas Telescoping)

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Poulan-Pro-8-inch-gas-pole-sawThe dilemma of needing to trim those higher branches and not wanting the hassle of climbing a ladder to reach them is something many homeowners experience. Outside of the fact that it would be more dangerous trying to trim branches from a ladder, being able to tackle the taller branches from the ground is one reason why the telescoping pole saw is valuable. Considering what type of brand pole saw to purchase largely depends on the job ahead. For the Poulan Pro Gas Telescoping Pole Saw, its affordability and durability make it a top choice among homeowners. This Poulan is more for the lighter jobs and recommended for occasional use, not heavy-duty professional jobs.

The Poulan Pro has a 25-cc engine that is lightweight and durable. With being 12 ft. in height and approximately 6” diameter, this pole saw is recommended for trimming low hanging limbs or light pruning. The 8-inch bar and chain feature a sure-fire starting system plus an automatic, gear driven oil pump. This pole saw comes equipped with a shoulder strap as well to make those higher jobs less draining on you.


For the small tree branches and bushes around the yard, the Poulan Pro Gas Telescoping Pole Saw can handle several types of tree care such as:

  • Cutting low hanging limbs
  • Trimming
  • Power pruning
  • Pro-Link

    The versatility found in this telescoping pole saw is due to the Poulan’s Pro-Link feature. This offers six optional attachments such as the edger, blower, brush cutter, pole saw, hedge trimmer and cultivator. This gives a multi-functional option to the Poulan Pro pole saw that others at this price point may not offer. For the affordability of this saw, having the option to switch modes to handle several tasks around your home is getting a lot for the money spent.

  • Effortless start

    Poulan has created an effortless pull start system for this pole saw. The spring-assisted pull cord gives a fast and simple start to use the pole saw on your daily trimming or cutting jobs. The purge bulb makes it an easy grab, so beginners can focus on controlling the machine and not fuss with a difficult starter. Overall this pole manages to be nicely balanced with a low kickback. Since it’s designed to handle small trees and bushes, the Poulan Pro is good on fuel and bar oil. The EPS, effortless pull starting, in addition to having attachable shafts, surprisingly is still easy to transport and store.

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  • Engine

    As a gas-powered pole saw, the Poulan Pro has a small engine. Even though it is meant to have a smaller engine, this model seems to experience issues with engine stalling. Due to lower-priced materials, when the squeezing the gas trigger, the engine may stall. The throttle cable may be the reason the engine doesn’t always rev due to sticking problems. The engine tends to die on the throttle so keep that in mind when revving up. The motor may not wind up easily which is another reason for it to bog down. Once the engine does start, it may not run consistently.

  • Chain

    This pole saw was meant for occasional use. The chain tends to lock after small jobs such as trimming 4-inch limbs. An unstable chain is one of the most unsafe issues to have with a pole saw. The chain jumps off the blade easily jams in addition to not staying secured to the saw. To counter this issue, raising the chain slowly helps the chain to stay on the saw most times.

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Tips to Extend Your Pole Saw’s Battery Life:

There are ways to extend the life of your pole saw. There are certain things that are discouraged in the maintenance of the saw such as refraining from using ethanol gas. The lines could rot and it could cause the pump diaphragms to harden due to using ethanol. Using non-ethanol gas will enable better performance from the Poulan. With the handles not having reduced vibration causing a lot of bouncing and movement which may cause difficulty when tackling those harder jobs. While this is a durable machine, this small engine works hard to push the chain. Overworking the saw and not constantly adjusting may cause the saw to cut off and die.

Planning to clean up your yard and need something affordable, a Poulson Pro may be the right fit for the job. Whether the job is to cut down a few low hanging limbs or pruning, the durability on this pole saw is ideal for infrequent uses. With great features such as the Pro-Link, being able to switch out for multiple tasks around the yard, to the ESP for the easy start; this pole saw aims to have an easier way to use it for beginners. There are issues with the engine and chain that isn’t necessarily traceable to every Poulan pole saw. It is a deterrent if the engine stalls after a few uses or if the chain doesn’t seem to stay on properly. Poulan does offer a 2-year warranty and their customer service is available for any replacement pieces.

Wrap Up

With all the different types of pole saws such as cordless, electric and gas powered, deciding which one is best for the job at hand. Electric saws are great for the plug and trim type of small work. The downside is being restricted by the cord which is normally 100 ft. long. The cordless saws are less of a maintenance hassle, but with the battery life, it can only last for about an hour. Selecting a gas-powered pole saw means you will be able to tackle the tall trees without necessarily using a ladder. The typical pole saw would come with heavy-duty bars and chains.

The Poulan Pro Gas Telescoping Pole Saw is a small saw built for simple tree care with an 8-inch bar and extended reach of 12 ft. The extension option within the shaft is removable as well. Overall, if the job you are looking to tackle is dealing with small branches and trees and not looking to handle a larger commercial job, the Poulan Pro Gas Telescoping Pole Saw would be a great, affordable choice.

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